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“I was born the seventh son of a seventh son. Does this make me special, unique? I’d like to think so.” –Barnabas Romefeller

Barnabas’ father was not a doting man and by the time he was born he was well on his way to being an old man. Barnabas mother died during child birth and was primarily raised by the family nanny Punam Chawla. During his youth Barnabas was a sickly child who spent most of his time buried in his books and listening to stories from Punam, and occasionally the war stories of his father, during what is now known as the Second Anglo Afghan War. Though he loved Punam’s tales he was always enraptured by his father’s tales of being a medical aid to Dr. John Watson.

At the age of 12 Barnabas became deathly ill. Punam secreted Barnabas away from the family home and into the back alleys of San Francisco. Upon their eventual return Barnabas had completely regained his health and much more. In fact the boy had never been healthier. If only he could remember how he got better and more importantly how he got the birthmark that appeared on the back of his neck. Due to Punam’s actions after returning with Barnabas she was forced to return to India on the first steamer out of port.

After years of being bedridden it seemed that Barnabas could not be kept indoors. He spent most of his days when not in classes out in the alleys of San Francisco looking for those that helped him among the Chinese immigrants. This would give birth to his love of the Orient and his need for adventure. At seventeen while out on one of his excursions Barnabas was assaulted by three armed men. It was at this point, while escaping the armed thugs that he learned of his ability to ‘blink’. However this feat would not go unnoticed. Three weeks later Barnabas with his six brothers would put his father into the ground. Four weeks after that he was recruited by the Hoffman Institute.

Barnabas would spend years under the tutelage of one Phineas Murphy a seasoned traveler, relic hunter and when the need arose, Journalist. Upon Phineas unnatural death while looking for the ruins of Sarnath. This would cut Barnabas time studying under his father’s friend John short. Barnabas returned to the Hoffman Institute determined to find out what happened to his mentor and track down Phineas lost son.

Barnabas Romefeller

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