Hakim Bey


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HAKIM BEY is a 27-year old Turkish adventurer, the son of Cevat
Cobanli Pasha — one of the Ottoman generals commanding the Gallipoli
Campaign. Hakim grew up in Istanbul, and from an early age he
displayed a precocious curiosity for the occult. Hoping to “cure” him
of this curiosity, Cevat Pasha enrolled him in the Harbiye Mektibi, a
prestigious military institute. Hakim graduated in the top of his
class and entered the war-ravaged Turkish army as a second lieutenant.
Thanks to his father’s influence, however, Hakim has served most of
his time attached to the Turkish Consulate in London.

It was here that Hakim Bey’s life took a sinister turn, and all
because of a woman’s cry for help. On a foggy London night, returning
from the whorehouses of Whitechapel, Hakim heard a woman scream for
help. He followed the cry and discovered a grisly scene: near the
banks of the Thames, a party of robed men chanted over the nude body
of a woman, freshly slain, as a trio of . . . things crawled from
the water. Deep Ones, he later learned — the foul servants of mighty
Cthulhu. With sword-cane, pistol, and dumb luck, Hakim Bey was able
to drive off the Deep Ones and exact vengeance upon the cultists.
Afterwards, Hakim Bey broke with Moslem tradition and got blind drunk.
When he awoke days later, he was in the care of doctors attached to
the Hoffman Institute — where, he discovered, he had been seconded by
the Turkish ambassador not hours before regaining consciousness . . .

Hakim Bey

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