Jaxon Kent


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Born: 5/8/1899
Age: 41
Jaxon’s father, Paul, was a ranch hand from Texas but when the Spanish-American war broke out in April of 1898 he quickly volunteered and became a member in Theodore Roosevelt’s Rough Riders. While under the tutelage of Colonel Roosevelt, Paul Kent became a proficient marksman and tracker. On July 16th during the final days for the Siege of Santiago, a cannon blast hit nearby and Paul took shrapnel. He awoke in a medic tent 3 days later to discover the siege was over and that his right eye was gone. While recovering, Paul met Julia a nurse from London. Let’s just say it was love at first sight.
Upon the end of the war in August, Paul and Julia where married and moved back to Texas to live on the ranch. By September, Julia was pregnant and 9 months later Jaxon was born, sadly his mother died during child birth. Paul raised Jaxon on the ranch, teaching him how to ride horses, survive off the land, and become a true marksman. By the age 12 Jaxon and an almost supernatural sense of direction, and many time it still lead him into harmful situations. When America entered World War 1 in the spring of 1917, Jaxon and his father enlisted and served in the African Conflicts. In October 1917 Paul was shot and killed by one of General Lettow-Vorbeck’s guerilla warfare soldiers. Upon seeing his father fall, Jaxon went into a rage, raising his rifle, “anna” he shot and killed the remaining German Soldiers.
Jaxon sent his father home to be buried next to his mother. He stayed in Africa until the end of the war. Jaxon traveled back to Texas to sell the ranch and then moved back to Africa, where he used his skills of hunting, tracking, and survival throughout the continent. By the age of 22 Jaxon had built a reputation for taking the rich and famous on big game Safari hunts but never in an overabundance. He still respected the land and the animal that was hunted. At the age of 25 Jaxon gained fame after he saved small village in South Africa from a plague caused by an evil witchdoctor. The witchdoctor’s plague affected the men of the village, cause them to first go blind, and slip into a fever state coma. When Jaxon confronted the witchdoctor by request of the village chief’s wife, he soon discovered that his rifle ammunition had no effect like he was protected by some an invisible energy shield. Jaxon defeated the witchdoctor by removing his head with blade from pure silver. Upon the Witchdoctor’s death the village men where instantly cured.
Shortly after the witchdoctor incident Jaxon led a small group of 5 into the Congo in search for King Solomon’s fabled diamond mines. Jaxon and his crew disappeared for over a year. Jaxon was the only one to return and has never spoken of what was found, or what happened to the rest of the crew. Jaxon has shamans, ghost, and what can only be described as werewolf. He has had his share of bouts with both the supernatural and the normal.
In 1928 when Jaxon was 29, a recruiter from the Hoffman Institute came looking for Jaxon. Hesitate at first, but as Jaxon reviewed the offer and what he had seen in many of his adventure he realized that his skills needed to be used to help save the world. Now instead of big game hunts and battling evil witchdoctors, Jaxon fights the German Occult.

Jaxon Kent

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