Professor Thomas William Rathmoore


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COLLEGE, OXFORD is a 59-year old academic who has made the study of
ancient languages, religions, and cultures his life’s work. He is the
author of several books on the subject, most notably “Sorcery in the
Late Byzantine Empire” and “The Warlocks of Mystara: Blood Rites in
the Medieval Peloponnese”. As a young man, Thomas Rathmore journeyed
to Egypt with Howard Carter, and became one of Gaston Maspero’s circle
of friends. He debated the primacy of magic in Homer (in ancient
Greek, of course) with TE Lawrence. And in 1914 he and Lawrence
helped Maspero crack an antiquities smuggling ring — a deed that
involved something so horrific that Maspero never recovered and died
two years later. Lawrence fled to the desert, and Rathmore returned
to England a shattered man. He refused to speak of it, even to his

But, if Rathmore was a dedicated scholar before his episode in Egypt,
then upon his return he became as a man possessed. Though he was a
Professor of Linguistics at Exeter, his true passion was in the study
of sorcery through the ages. His students talked of late night
lectures on the efficacy of pentagrams as wards and walking trips to
visit the places where witches once congregated. Once, they had to
carry Rathmore back to Exeter after he touched a Roman altar and

Rathmore has a long history of cooperation with the Hoffman Institute,
in its myriad forms — as a translator and researcher, though
occasionally he takes to the field to track down a rumor or a bit of
lore. Officials at Exeter offered him an early retirement — possibly
at the behest of the Hoffman Institute in the face of the growing
occult threat posed by Nazi Germany . . .

Professor Thomas William Rathmoore

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