Russel Crock


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Age 25
Born- January 15th, 1913 San Diego, CA

Eduardo Garcia migrated to America from Mexico in the summer of 1909 to start a new life. Discovering it difficult to find paying work, Eduardo changed his name to Ed Croch after seeing the name in a magazine article. Finally obtain work in a San Diego factory, Ed began to save money working towards the goal of owning the American dream. Ed eventually met a young teacher named Nancy and the two fell in love and were married in the fall of 1911. In the winter of 1913 Ed and Nancy welcomed the birth of the first of their three children, Russell. Eduardo continued to progress at the factory until he was promoted as the floor manager. Russell and his two sisters, Elise and Gabriel never wanted for anything, they where loved and raised in a devote Catholic home.

When Russell headed into high school in 1928, he began to excel in athletics especially the wrestling team. By the time he was a senior; Russell had a state title and had been offered a scholarship to UCLA beginning in the fall of 1932. He instead decided to enlist in the Navy. While serving Russell took up boxing, and in fact won the Navy’s golden gloves title in 1935. Captain Richards, who was heading up the secret NSR, Naval Special Research, watched Ensign Croch’s victory in the ring. He noticed the ferocity, and intensity in which allowed him to win the battle. Croch had the heart of Lion. Impressed, Captain Richards believed Russell would be perfect for a special experiment. Russell was approached and was told that the mission was dangerous but if successful would allow him to serve his country in ways he never thought of, the only thing Russell had to do was volunteer. Russell didn’t give it a second thought, and was sent to Washington D.C. to partake in the project.
The experiment took of a month to complete. Russell received injections of serum everyday and was put through intense physical training. He began to notice that his strength was increasing, his stamina improved, and surprising feature Russell skin seemed to become denser. At the end of the month, the final test for Russell came. Captain issued a small squad to open fire on Russell. When the smoke cleared Russell was standing unharmed. The United States had a perfect soldier, but there was one side effect. While no weapon could bullet could harm him in return Russell was unable to use firearms himself. Apparently Russell’s body produced an electrical current that was really undetectable, but cause weapons to in a sense fry.
Armed with new abilities, Russell was issued new orders to fight for America in a secret war. Russell was informed that he would be serving his country, at the Hoffman institute. He is young, and a little headstrong with much to prove. Russell has seen things, in his three years with the institute that he never thought where possible.

Russel Crock

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