Walter O'Leary


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Age 65
Born 1873 July 6th An Daingean, Ireland
In 1872 the small village of An Daingean or Dinkle, as some are now more commonly calling it, was a quiet place to live. Mostly farmers, Shepherds, a few shop owners, and a couple of pubs, one of the most frequented were O’Leary’s Pub. One could always get a warm pint and bowl of lamb stew. The pub was run by Walter O’Leary and his only child, daughter Anna. Jeffery would die after being stabbed trying to prevent a fight in the pub. Anna was 20 and the entire establishment was left to her.
On the first night of Samhein Anna’s life would change. A storm rolled across the countryside with much ferocity. Lighting struck a farmers barn on the village outskirts. All available hands where called out to battle the flames, leaving the town deserted. Anna was in the pub rekindling the fireplace, when there was knock on the front door. When Anna opened the wooden door, he met a man who was hungry asking for shelter from the storm. Against her better discernment, she brought him in gave him a pint, and hot bowl of stew. The man was tall, handsome, but had dark eyes that could make even the pope shiver. While the man ate, he asked many questions pertaining to Anna’s life and the history of the pub. She found herself unnaturally letting her guard down, and telling the stranger everything. Anna found herself drawn the stranger with the dark eyes, and the electricity that ran through her arm when he touched her hand.
Then next morning the storm had passed, as if there had never been one. Anna awoke, rolled over in her bed to find the stranger from the night before was gone. She realized that she didn’t even catch her one night stands name. Anna decided to keep her actions a secret so that she would not endure the ridicule and harmful gazes from the village priest and village elders. The secret would be hard to keep then she thought because in July 1873, nine months later, Anna gave birth to a son, and named him after his late grandfather, Walter.
As a young lad, Walter spent his time helping his mother run the pub and not many friends. Due to being born a bastard, village parents wouldn’t allow their children to befriend Walter. The only interactions with people that he had were patrons to the bar and his unlikely friendship with Father Matthews, the village priest. Walter was fascinated with the history of the church and spent every free moment in discussion with Matthews. The priest filled Walter’s void for a much needed father figure and the church gave him a much needed purpose.
In the summer of 1891 at the age of 18 Walter packed his belongings, left the village and with help from Father Matthew, began his training to become a priest for the Catholic Church. Walter excelled at histories, research, and the exorcist arts. Walter did poorly in actual communication, and people skills. Upon graduating from seminary, Walter was assigned to the Vatican to serve in the archives. In his third year of service at age of 28, Walter was assigned to help perform exorcisms. This new job put his research skills to use, and carried him across the globe. Walter had finally begun to feel something that was lacking in his life contempt.
Upon his 30th birthday, something drastic took place. Walter was in Russia performing an exorcism on a teenage girl, when the demon inside was able to grab hold due to Walter standing to close and through him across the room. Walter awoke an hour later to find that the young woman had died but the demon was still in the room. In fact Walter could still see the image wondering around the room, and as he began gain his ware bouts once again noticed that there was more than one spirit in the room. Walter head back to the Vatican, to rest believing what he saw were the just abstracts from a concussion. The visions of the apparitions didn’t stop. It was as if a door to another world had been opened, and Walter could peer right through it. Everywhere he looked he could see evil’s that would make a normal human die of fear. Walter believed that he could still perform his duties even with the new sight, but the apparitions began to get worse and more frequent.
Walter sought in audience with the Pope, and was finally granted one 8 months after his request. Hoping to final get some answers about what was wrong with him, Walter eagerly made his way to Pope’s council chambers. Upon arriving Walter was shocked at what he discovered, an apparition was standing next the pope, and it even looked as if it was in conversation with the Holy Leader. The shadow figure had the appearance of a man, with dark evil eyes. When the Pope’s gaze fell upon Walter, he knew immediately why an audience had been asked of him. The Pope tried to explain that not everything in the world was black and white, that there where shades of grey and that sometimes even the Holy Church has to make uneasy alliances to prevent greater evils from happening.
Disgusted with what he had been told, Walter rejected the church and its position. He left for his village home, in Ireland. His mother welcomed him with open arms and he began to help to run the pub. Walter felt though that he shouldn’t let his education and training go to waste. Walter began to realize that there were more than just apparitions in the world, but all sorts of matters of evil stalking the humans. Walter helped rid a farmer’s son of demon possession prevented an evil druid from perform ritual sacrifices on virgins in the outskirts of Dublin, and battled a Banshee in Northern Ireland.
Walter spent three years traveling to fight, but always returning home to his mother’s pub. On one occasion of returning home, Walter discovered his mother was suffering from an unknown disease. In fact Anna was dying, and there was nothing Walter could do to prevent it. Anna used her last breaths to tell Walter the story of who is father was. The handsome man, with no name but with dark eyes was told, and Walter remembered the spirit seen with the Pope. The next morning Walter buried his mother, and then spent a week in seclusion researching. Walter discovered that throughout history evil forces, aka demons, spirits, etc had sired children and that these children had unique abilities that could drive them insane or lead to their downfall. Walter had to except that running through his veins was half evil blood. He decided that this heritage would not destroy him but he would use his curse to fight the evil that he had bee seeing.
At the age of 36 Walter had sold the pub and left his little village to travel fighting the world’s evil. It wasn’t long before representatives from the Hoffman institute offered him a position to real put his skills to use. In the year of 1909 the former priest known as Walter O’Leary joined the secret group to make a difference in the world. Since joining with the Hoffman league Walter has discovered that an ability he also inherited was that he could link the minds of his team members for a short time, a very handy trait to have. Walter is now older but has the experience of things seen.

Walter O'Leary

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